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Hydro Walkers - See Him (CEDM)

Hydro Walkers has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called See Him.

Joel Collishaw shared the folling story behind the song: "This song started out being written from a perspective of frustration, wanting to see Jesus move in my life and I felt like He wasn't doing anything. I wondered where He was and if He was even there. At the time I only had vocals for the build up with a powerful bass filled drop.

I shelved that song for a few months and once I revisited it I had my wife write the verses without telling her anything other than the song title. I'm happy I did it that way because she brought 2 fresh perspectives to the song that showed her heart ♥️ of worship. 

Biblical references to seeing Jesus and then in verse 2, people seeing Jesus in us! Amazing lyrics and the heart of two people who just want Jesus to move in their life. I hope you guys enjoy our first song of 2021 and the very first vocal release! May it encourage you and I hope God speaks to you."

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

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