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If you are an author / creator looking for ways to protect the copyrights of your designs / notes / work, even before it is completed & published, then may be interesting for you. 

The team of built a new service called, in response to challenges faced by a number of artists that we work with.  

Many countries have a Copyright Act that automatically protects the copyright of works (e.g. literature, science, or art) from the moment the work is created, on the condition that the work in question is an original work. As the author or creator, you determine what happens with your work. 

BUT... How do you protect your rights during creation? How can you prove that the credit for a Work is yours? How do you prove when a Work was (partially) created? 

We asked quite a few musicians/artists if they are able to prove that their 'Works' actually existed before it was released/published. If so, can they prove on which date it existed, and can they confidently demonstrate that the copy they have in their archive represents the version that existed at that time (read: has not been altered)? How do they do this for draft versions of their lyrics & music during the creation process? Until you actually publish your Work, it is not easy to prove that your Work existed, until now... 

If you are in a position where you are looking for a way to prove that your documented ideas, notes, designs, draft versions, completed works existed at a certain point in time, then check out the service of The registration process does not even require you to upload any content to our systems. More details on: 

If you want to give the service a try, then here is a discount coupon that you can use to bypass the payment part of the process. We will honor this code for the first 20 registrations that you submit during April 2021.

Use the following coupon as the 'Transaction ID' when submitting the registration form (max. 20 registrations).

  • Self-Declared registration - With this discount code, the self-declared registrations you submit will be FREE OF CHARGE (up to a total of 20 self-declared and/or witnessed registrations submitted in April 2021) 
  • Witnessed registration - With this discount code, your witnessed registrations are €10,00 each (up to a total of 20 self-declared and/or witnessed registrations submitted in April 2021) 
    We will send you a payment request for €10,00 via Paypal prior to scheduling the witnessing session. 

PS: This activity will also be used to help fund the mobile recording facility that we have. This recording facility is used to make high-quality recordings on location (e.g. choirs, church organ recitals, etc.). Due to COVID-19, we need to invest in more protective measures for the engineers and the performing artists.