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Melanie Waldman announces the release of her newest single, "Praise The Name" (CCM)

Melanie Waldman announces the release of her newest single, "Praise The Name," written by Melanie Waldman and produced by Lori Chaffer. "Praise The Name" is the first single from her upcoming album, "PSALMSONGS." For this project, Melanie feels called to partner with others to bring this music to life and has created a Kickstarter Campaign.

Melanie shares: "God has put it on my heart to bring these songs to life... with your help. PSALMSONGS will bless your devotional time and stay with you throughout the day, inscribing the word of God on your heart. Psalm 24, 65, 80, 95-96, 107, 126, 139, and 140 - each uniquely expressed with a mix of old and new sounds, unexpected and satisfying instrumentation; each born out of contemplation and praise.

PSALMSONGS was born in the midst of the turmoil of 2020. My husband had left his job of 10 years. I stepped out of my staff position at Liquid Church. And like so many, we experienced fear and loss from the pandemic, the social and political challenges in America and the isolating effects of quarantine. Everything around us was uncertain.

As part of her Kickstarter campaign, Melanie will be going live daily on Facebook and Instagram to encourage people in their faith journey.

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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