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Maria Bencic - The king is coming

Maria Bencic has released a song in the style of ancient Hebrew songs called "The king is coming". The song is about the parable about the ten virgins.  

The lyrics are simple and clear: 

"I take my lamp 
I take my oil 
my feet is bare 
well I dont care, 
when the king is coming, 
I must be there 
I must prepare"

The song has an ancient classical orchestra sound surprisingly combined with a modern gospel pop sound, decorated with majestic parade instruments.  

Inspired by the parable of the 10 virgins, Maria explains the story behind the song: 
”If your beloved who you had not met in many years, who traveled away to a faraway country but promised to one day return to you, suddenly would appear outside your house in the middle of the dark night calling your name, would you get up from your bed with a yawn, shower, dress yourself decently and eat a meal before you would go out to greet him?  
Or... would you jump out of bed like it was on fire with glowing flames of love! Run out with only your nightgown on and with a fast-beating heart that does not even allow you to waste time to put on your shoes." 

You can listen to the track on Spotify: