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Hillsong Worship releases 'AT EASTER' EP

Hillsong Worship announces the release of their latest project, “AT EASTER.” The brand-new EP features a compilation of five revamped Hillsong classic anthems that take the listener on a Resurrection journey from Pilgrimage.

'AT EASTER’ is a collection of Calvary-centered songs, refreshed and reinvigorated for believers everywhere to use in worship this Easter as we give thanks for the death, resurrection and extraordinary love of our Savior."

The emotion in the song 'How Can You Refuse Him Now' is out of this world. In fact the whole song is out of this world, what starts off as just a piano playing each note so delicately and beautifully, added to that the hushed vocals, and you have a song that will lead you to your knees or to a sense of wonder of God, or more correctly, to both.

Link to the EP on Spotify:


  1. How Can You Refuse Him Now (pilgrimage)
  2. Man Of Sorrows (passion)
  3. Isaiah 53:1-6 (profession)
  4. Agnus Dei / King Of Kings
  5. King Of Kings (praise)

Video trailer: