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Sacred Rest Moments - a new Youtube Channel to help you rest in the presence of God

Faith-Based Music – Soaking -Worship & Biblical Words of Affirmation ‘Sacred Rest Moments’ is a channel specifically created to help you rest in the presence of God; to shut out the noise in the world and turn your gaze and affection on Jesus. Jasmin Jones is the voice and Pete Mansfield is the music; both had stories of the transformational power of Jesus’ peace changing their lives and leading them to start ‘Sacred Rest Moments’. 

Sacred Rest Moments was created for YOU by Peter & Jasmine Jones. The channel aims to help you grow in your relationship with God.  If you're seeking emotional rest and encouragement, you're in the right place!  We release musical devotionals every Sunday afternoon; a mix of music, spoken word, words of affirmation, and prophetic soaking.  God makes you some truly outrageous promises in the bible and it is our mission; to provide you these resources here on our channel; to enable you to take hold of those promises, and confidently stand in them. 

If you seek deeper emotional rest and vitality in your everyday life, we also have some free teaching we'd love to give you.  Take our free 'Soul Care Challenge', which will help you affirm your true value and treat inner wounds, while giving you practical steps to better receive from God.

Quoting Pete and Jasmine Jones: "We pray this channel BLESSES you, and we believe YOU were born to overcome!"

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