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Jonathan Jackson - You Have My Heart (CCM)

Jonathan Jackson has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called You Have My Heart.

The song is an upbeat EDM pop-influenced song that declares how we are formed by God before time, how He planned for us, how He cherishes us, and how He holds us. He has our heart!

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Here are the lyrics!
Long before you opened up my eyes
Long before my mother heard my cry
You were holding me inside your hands
Oh Before time began 
Oh I was part of Your plan


Oh your love is burning deep inside my soul
What was broken now can be made whole
Change me rearrange me take control
Oh I'm letting go


God you have my heart
You’ve loved me from the start

I know you’re for me
You're not against me
You'll never let me go

God, You Have My Heart
God, You Have My Heart


In the valley, You were by my side
every season every lonely night
when my faith feels weak and I’m on my knees
I remember that You’re here you were  holding me

Later in the day, this track will also be visible in our New Christian Contemporary Music playlists on Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, and Youtube (provided the track is released on these platforms).

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