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The Very Best Indie Christian Music - Recent Works from the Best / High-Potential Independent Christian Artists

Presenting 'The Very Best Indie Christian Music'

A weekly refreshed mix of high-quality songs by indie/independent Christian artists (CCM & Gospel). This playlist is part of a new service called "Indie Christian Stars", designed to give high-potential independent Christian artists an extra boost. 

The all-Christian Expert Team selecting the "Indie Christian Stars" consists of a music education consultant, a vocal arranger, a pastor (& performing artist), and a professional from one of Europe's finest performing arts institutions. The team uses our music database to help identify the independent CCM / Gospel artists that they see as "Indie Christian Stars". Their list is re-evaluated every 6 months, and new high-potential artists can be added at any time.

In turn, we feature new works (< 6 months) by these artists on our website & socials, and promote these works in a weekly refreshed playlist: "The Very Best Indie Christian Music".   

The result is a beautiful weekly refreshed collection of quality productions by independent artists that touch hearts and bring people closer to God. 

Listen to 'The Very Best Indie Christian Music' playlist on Spotify:

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Since its launch, has embarked on two strong missions: 

1) to bring you the music you love, with lyrics you can trust

2) to support new / indie Christian artists in reaching a larger audience with their music 

We feel so blessed to witness results that are greater than what we could have possibly achieved on our own merits. 

We believe that we have been "guided" in finding multiple data sources that enabled us to capture over 96% of all Christian Contemporary Music releases (English language), on average within 2 days of their release. Our findings have been made publicly accessible by everyone that is interested, free of charge. Our data has become a leading source for new Christian music releases, while the activities in our ministry are solely funded by donations and lots of volunteer effort. 

Looking back at the past 12 months, we have had the privilege of promoting music by over 5,000 Christian artists from around the world on our platform and playlists. We have introduced hundreds of new / lesser known / indie artists to our audience as well as to various Christian Broadcasting Services around the world.