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The Christian Music Discovery podcast - New Christian Releases, Hidden Gems and Tomorrow's Christian Hits - November 9th, 2020

We have released a new episode of our Christian Music Discovery podcast. In this episode, we discuss songs released in the past week (200 hours) and how they performed in our charts. 

These episodes are a great way to know which newly released Christian CCM songs are performing the best and are also causing the most chatter (on radio, websites, social media, etc.). During these episodes, we also feature songs by (less known) artists that we believe deserve more "love". 

For this podcast, we have created a Top 25 chart with the highest performing releases of the past week (200 hours) - This chart has the songs that people are talking about right now on radio, TV, magazines, etc.. 

Follow our podcast and our Top 25 chart for recent releases, and you will know which new Christian songs are tomorrow's hits.

A playlist with all of the Christian Contemporary Music released last Friday (that we know about) can be found on:
All of the music in this episode can be found on a new Spotify playlist that we created for this podcast:
This episode can be heard using your favorite podcast players, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer,, and more.

Visit our Podcast page for a link to your favorite podcast player (, or go to:

Enjoy the episode and we trust that you too will discover new artists/music.