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The Christian Music Discovery podcast - Interview with the Foto Sisters - October 21st, 2020

We have released a new episode of our Christian Music Discovery podcast. For this episode, we have interviewed Katelyn and Gaylyn Foto, and included a number of tracks from their newest EP called: "Faithful". 

After almost two decades of intensive classical training and performing across the country, the sisters are stepping into a new season as a duo. Katelyn and Gaylyn are passionate about sharing the doctrinal truths of God’s Sovereignty that have impacted their lives. Their classical background allows them to bring something unique to the table: a concert experience centered on sharing Christ through song. In this setting, they continue to embrace the arts and showcase the gospel through words and melodies they have come to love.

A love for people and a passion for Biblical truth is what you’ll experience in the sound of the Foto Sisters and during this interview. From interviews, music videos to the stage, they have one goal, and that is to point others to the only Savior, Jesus Christ!

During this very relaxed interview, Katelyn and Gaylyn give a special insight into their lives and their deep love of Christ. They also share in quite some detail the process around selecting, arranging, and recording the music on their latest EP, "Faithful".  

If you are a fan of the Foto Sisters, then you too will love this podcast episode, as both sisters also share little known details about their lives.

This episode can be heard on a large number of podcast players, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer,, and more.
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Enjoy the episode and we trust that you too will discover new artists/music.