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We've been waiting for the right moment to share something special...

We just launched a special site for all of our sponsors/patrons on:

We wanted a special way to express our gratitude to our sponsors/patrons. Patreon gives us the possibility to share exclusive content and give access to exclusive merchandise.

This is what our sponsors are currently receiving:

  • Request songs to be added into weekly playlists
  • Access to exclusive merchandise 
  • Bonus Content

About the bonus content...
The posting of bonus content can be very ad hoc, but when we have something that qualifies, you'll be sure to get it on our Patreon page.

The type of bonus content we expect (hope for):
  • Free music downloads
  • Downloadable photos (we try to get photos with an autograph)
  • Discounted concert tickets
  • Exclusive interviews with music
  • Links to private video content on YouTube, e.g. exclusive lyric videos, narrated music videos for Christmas / Easter

Thanks for your support.