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The Christian Music Discovery podcast - An exclusive interview with FKA Promise about his life and upcoming release (s01e21)

We have released a new episode of our Christian Music Discovery podcast.

In this episode, we are featuring FKA Promise, in an exclusive interview. FKA Promise (real name: Danny Doyle) has a beautiful testimony of God's rescue from a life stuck in a spiral of drugs and alcohol addiction. 

FKA Promise speaks about his musical journey,  the challenges that he has faced in life, and how God saved him and put his life back on track.

In this podcast episode, FKA Promise will also introduce three songs from his upcoming album (to be released on September 1st). We have FKA Promise's permission to share the full version of these songs with you.

The tracks featured in this episode (in full):
- Before I Knew Your Name
- Kingdom of Heaven
- Overflow

This episode can be heard on a large number of podcast players, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer,, and more.

Visit our Podcast page for a link to your favorite podcast player (, or go to:

Enjoy the episode and we trust that you too will discover new artists/music.