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Alan Lopes - Psalm 39:07 (CCM)

Alan Lopes has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called Psalm 39:07.

Alan shared: "This song came to me during a time that I felt hopeless, and I was thinking about how this world is filled with darkness. Then I read Psalm 39:07. I learned to put my hope in him who heals the broken; he who has power over the wind and the waves; he who feeds the crowd and walks on water; he who was resurrected on the third day. I learned to put my hope in Jesus."

You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Later in the day, this track will also be visible in our New Christian Contemporary Music playlists on Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, and Youtube (provided the track is released on these platforms).

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  1. Well done Alan! very proud of you,

  2. Hey Alan, thanks for making good music! Your song is full of hope which we need as never before :)


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