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"The Bible In A Nutshell" - Available to you as podcast episodes

Are you curious about what the Bible has to offer, but you don't have enough time to read it in full? Or do you know someone who is facing this challenge?

Then we may have a solution that is just right for you! We have released 4 podcast episodes called "The Bible In A Nutshell". 
Regardless if you don't know anything about the Bible, or if you just want to refresh your memory, these episodes will give you a selection of biblical stories. It is the Bible in a nutshell. 

We'll take you through both the Old-Testament, and the New-Testament. From the creation all the way to the New Heaven. 

You will hear how God made a covenant with Abraham, freed his people, appointed David as King, brought salvation into the world through Jesus Christ, and restored his creation. 

From the Psalms to the letters of Paul, from the prophets of old to the gospels.

"The Bible In A Nutshell" is published as 4 episodes. Each episode is short enough to listen to during the average commute to or from work. The total duration of these 4 episodes (combined) is less than 2 hours.

These episodes are inspired by the book: "First hour Bible", by 2K/Denmark.
We are using the Easy English Bible translation by MissionAssist, previously known as Wycliffe Associates UK. 

You can find these recordings as Season 0 (dated January 1st, 2020) in our Christian Music Discovery podcast feed. Check your podcast player to see if you can scroll back to Season 0. If not, then don't worry... we have alternatives for you. 😀

You can visit the podcast page on

You can also listen to these episodes, right here on this page, by clicking on the link or embedded player below.