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Our Top 50 Christian Hip Hop (CHH) of June 13th, 2020

We have no new tracks in this week's chart. The highest climber in the chart this week is 'NF, Marty - Grindin' (Album: Therapy Session)', moving up 4 positions to number 43. 
Check the full version chart on our website for all of the details.

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(Our Charts are based on the actual number of times that a track has recently been played on the major streaming platforms.)

The Top 50 Christian Hip Hop (CHH)
RankArtist - TitleChange
1Surfaces - Sunday Best (Album: Where the Light Is)+0
2NF - Let You Down (Album: Perception)+0
3NF - If You Want Love (Album: Perception)+0
4NF - Lie (Album: Perception)+0
5Kanye West - Follow God (Album: JESUS IS KING)+0
6NF - Time (Album: The Search)+0
7NF - Time - Edit (Album: The Search)+0
8NF - Paralyzed (Album: Mansion)+0
9Grits, TobyMac - Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like) (feat. Toby Mac) (Album: The Art of Translation)+0
10NF - The Search (Album: The Search)+1
12NF - Leave Me Alone (Album: The Search)+0
13NF - When I Grow Up (Album: The Search)+0
14NF - Hate Myself (Album: The Search)+0
15NF - When I Grow Up (Album: When I Grow Up)+1
16NF - Change (Album: The Search)+1
17NF - My Stress (Album: The Search)+1
18NF - How Could You Leave Us (Album: Therapy Session)-3
19NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (Album: The Search)+0
20NF - WHY (Album: WHY)+1
21Kanye West - Closed On Sunday (Album: JESUS IS KING)-1
22NF - I Miss The Days (Album: The Search)+0
23NF - Time - Edit (Album: Time)+0
24NF - Nate (Album: The Search)+0
25NF - Returns (Album: The Search)+0
26NF - Let Me Go (Album: The Search)+0
27NF - Trauma (Album: The Search)+0
28Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Sunday Candy (Album: Surf)+0
29NF - NO NAME (Album: NO NAME)+0
30NF - Therapy Session (Album: Therapy Session)+0
31NF, Fleurie - Mansion (Album: Mansion)+0
32Kanye West - Selah (Album: JESUS IS KING)+0
33NF - WHY (Album: The Search)+0
34Kanye West - On God (Album: JESUS IS KING)+0
35Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, Ant Clemons - Everything We Need (Album: JESUS IS KING)+0
36Kanye West, Clipse, Kenny G - Use This Gospel (Album: JESUS IS KING)+0
37NF - No Excuses (Album: The Search)+0
38NF - Like This (Album: The Search)+0
39NF - Options (Album: The Search)+0
40NF - Real (Album: Therapy Session)+0
41NF, Britt Nicole - Can You Hold Me (Album: Mansion)+0
42NF - My Life (Album: Perception)+0
43NF, Marty - Grindin' (Album: Therapy Session)+4
44Kanye West - God Is (Album: JESUS IS KING)-1
45NF, Ruelle - 10 Feet Down (Album: Perception)-1
46Tauren Wells - Known (Album: Hills and Valleys (Deluxe Edition))-1
47NF - Intro III (Album: Perception)-1
48Stormzy, MNEK - Blinded By Your Grace, Pt. 2 (feat. MNEK) (Album: Gang Signs & Prayer)+0
49NF - Thinking (Album: The Search)+0
50NF - Green Lights (Album: Perception)+0