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New Podcast Episode: An interview with Russ Harris (Fishburn) about his latest release: "The Flame (Dance Remix)"

In this episode, I am speaking with Russ Harris (also known as "Fishburn") about his latest release: "The Flame (Dance Remix)".

Russ Harris is an experienced EDM artist, who also made quite a few remixes for other artists. Around 2 years ago, Russ was triggered to switch to making Christian music. Russ openly speaks about his life and the events (around 2 years ago) that led him to switch into making Christian Music.  Russ shares how this track relates to the frontline workers during this pandemic, and that many are in need of igniting their fire ('the flame') during these challenging times.

The Flame was just recently released, and Russ is ready to release the Dance Remix of this song... We actually have a debut in this episode! With Russ's permission, we are sharing the full track of the Dance Remix of "The Flame".  Russ also tells us about the tracks that he is planning on releasing in the next month or two. 

Join us for the story behind "The Flame (Dance Remix)", and hear how faith in Christ can actually change a life and the way that you use your talents.

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Enjoy the episode and we trust that you too will discover new artists/music.