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We're starting up a new podcast! - Now open for CCM and CEDM artists

Remember the years when we had artists talk about their newest release in our "New Releases Show" on the radio?

The good news is.... those precious listening moments are coming back!

We are starting up a podcast series called: "Christian Music Now". In each episode, we will feature a CCM / CEDM artist with their newest release. You not only hear the artist talk about their release, but you also get a nice preview of the track.

What makes this podcast special is that each episode offers you a peek into the lives of the artists you hear on the radio and the major music streaming services.

So, watch this space, follow our podcasts and maybe we can introduce you to some new artists as well.


We have quite a few artists that follow our posts. The following invitation is for Christian artists in the genres Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) and Christian EDM (CEDM).

- Are you interested to participate in a podcast episode about your newest release?
- Is your newest track less than 2 months old (or do you have a new production coming very soon)?
- Are you prepared to grant royalty-free permission for use of your track in the podcast episode?

Then drop us a message using our contact form: