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Corona-Virus: Join Christians around the world in prayer

Large parts of the world have been affected by the Corona-virus. Each day the situation is becoming more and more serious day by day and the measures are affecting more and more people directly. As Christians, we are not immune to all of the suffering and uncertainty that this situation is bringing. But we don't have to be guided by uncertainty. We can trust that God is also our Lord in this situation.

Christians don't have to panic. After all, we live for Christ, who enables us to stay sober and to look carefully for what is best for others. Each time we are tempted to give in to our fear, we can make a conscious choice to respond in confidence and openness.

And we have hope - for ourselves and hope to pass on. Just like the corona at a solar eclipse, the light is never completely gone. In fact, the light is stronger than the darkness. Especially now, in dark times, we can show our hope to the people around us. First of all by our attitude. But also by addressing the practical needs of the people around us.

Christians in many countries are organizing a Day of (National) Prayer. In some countries, have nation-wide initiatives, in other areas, there are local initiatives. We believe that prayer helps us to surrender our anxiety and worries to God, to bless others, and to ask God to show us His intentions in difficult circumstances.

At we would like to support such initiatives, to connect as many Christians across the globe as possible to initiatives that enable "virtual" prayer via the internet and social media.

Please let us know of any initiatives that you are aware of, and we will post the details on our Prayer-page. You can contact us through our webform (in English).