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Coming soon: Christliche Pop, Lobpreis & Anbetung (Deutsch) - A Christian playlist with 100% German songs

"We are so excited!", says Nico Zwaneveld (founder of "We are in the process of filling our database with German Christian pop, praise and worship music. The first trial playlists sound great! I am so grateful for all of the help and support towards making this possible.

We are now scaling up the process of collecting relevant songs. We are open to welcome new volunteers to help us.

Our ambition with German songs is not only to create a weekly refreshed playlist, but also to create a weekly Top 50 chart for German CCM (just like our Top 50 / 100 charts for English and Dutch CCM).

We cannot create a reliable Top 50 chart until we are certain that we have all German Christian releases in our database of at least the past 24 months."

Nico says about the future: "In the past year, we have grown to a position that we have great coverage of all English CCM, CHH, CEDM tracks. We also have very good coverage of the Dutch releases.

We are now expanding our coverage to Germany, mainly because most of our (Dutch) volunteers understand enough German to help kick start this. 
We can actually start building a database for any European country as soon as we have at least one person with a link to that country and who knows where to look for local Christian releases.

We love witnessing how God is touching hearts and placing the right people on our path at the right time."