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Major change to our New Christian Music playlist - Introducing separate New Music playlists for CCM, CHH, CEDM & Gospel

We are changing our New Christian Music playlist. Our original playlist setup has almost drowned in its own success, so we have decided to split the New Music playlist into a separate playlist per genre. This change makes it easier for our followers to see what is new in the Christian music genre that they love.

As of today we have four New Christian Music playlists:

- New Christian EDM (CEDM)
- New Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
- New Christian Hip Hop (CHH)
- New Gospel Music

Our original New Christian Music playlist has been converted to the New Christian EDM (CEDM) playlist.

These playlists are available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube, Napster, Qobuz. Please visit our website for a link to the playlist on your streaming platform (

It is now easier for you to follow the New Releases in the Christian music genres that you love.