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Hydro Walkers - Changing The Anthem

Hydro Walkers has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called "Changing The Anthem".

Hydro Walkers shared the following about the track: Every new year there is a common theme, CHANGE. We all want change. This song was inspired by the idea of change, not just within my own life but for those around me. I want the positive change in my life to radiate to those around me. I want to spread hope, joy, peace and love to my surroundings. I want to share the kindness, grace and forgiveness that's been given to me and extend it to others. Let's make that our anthem this year, to make positive change, not just for us but for others. We are not victims and life just doesn't happen to us; we can choose change and transformation. Where does change start? It starts with you.
You can listen to the track on Spotify:

We have added this track to our Weekly Christian EDM (CEDM) playlist. It is already out there on Spotify. Later in the day this track will also be visible in our Weekly CEDM playlists on Deezer, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Qobuz, Napster, and Youtube (provided the track is released on these platforms).

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