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New overview - Genres of Electronic Music v2.1

Most of the music that we air on our internet radio stream is what you call CEDM / EDM - (Christian) Electronic Dance Music. 

Did you know that there are 28 genres of Electronic Music? Now if you think that 28 genres are a challenge to remember, then just realize that in these 28 genres there are 162 sub-genres!

To increase the fun... 10 of these sub-genres have so-called sub-sub genres.  

And one of the sub-sub-genres has an even finer division into 3 sub-sub-sub-genres.

This is already confusing for Electronic music artists who sometimes need to ask around to find someone who can tell them in which sub-sub-genre their music belongs. Now just imagine how confusing this can be for listeners.

We have a solution to this challenge! We have a free overview (PDF) of the Electronic Music genres for your personal use. 

Now you can know that if electronic music is Progressive, then it is part of the House Music genre. If someone starts talking about Dubstep, you can be the smart one who asks if they mean Dubstep as in UK Garage, or Dubstep as part of the Dub genre.

I trust that you will enjoy the overview. You can download the PDF using this link:
The link will take you to a page in my Evernote account where you can download the PDF file.

Have fun!