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Our Top 50 Christian EDM (CEDM) of November 23rd, 2019

Our Charts are based on the actual number of times that a track has recently been played on the major streaming platforms.

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The Top 50 Christian EDM (CEDM)
RankArtist - TitleChange
1Mat Kearney - Kings & Queens (CRAZYTALK)+0
2for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB - joy. (R3HAB Remix) (joy. (R3HAB Remix))+0
3for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB - God Only Knows (R3HAB Remix) (God Only Knows (R3HAB Remix))+0
4Charlie Rey - Undeniable Love (Undeniable Love)+0
5Big Daddy Weave - Alive (Alive)+0
6TobyMac - Everything (Everything)+1
7Capital Kings - Love Is on Our Side (Love Is on Our Side)+1
8for KING & COUNTRY, GATTÜSO - God Only Knows (GATTÜSO Remix) (God Only Knows (GATTÜSO Remix))-2
9for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB - Burn The Ships (R3HAB Remix) (Burn The Ships (R3HAB Remix))+0
10Capital Kings - Don't Wanna Wake Up (Don't Wanna Wake Up)+0
11Britt Nicole - Gold (Gold)+0
12Royal Tailor, Capital Kings - Ready Set Go (feat. Capital Kings) (Royal Tailor)+0
13River Valley Worship - Future (Future)+0
14Capital Kings, Hollyn - All Good (All Good)+0
15Capital Kings - I Feel so Alive (Capital Kings)+0
16Owl City, Britt Nicole - You’re Not Alone (Mobile Orchestra)+0
17Capital Kings - Live for the Drop (II)+0
18The Young Escape, nobigdyl. - Love Me Like You (Love Me Like You)+0
19The Young Escape - Good Life (Good Life)+0
20Local Sound - Nobody (Nobody)+0
21Elevation Worship - Grace Like a Wave (Here As In Heaven)+0
22Capital Kings - You'll Never Be Alone (Capital Kings)+0
23Local Sound - More Than Air (More Than Air)+0
25Hillsong Young & Free, Andy Mineo - Every Little Thing (feat. Andy Mineo) (Every Little Thing)+1
26SEU Worship - Won't Look Back (Won't Look Back)+1
27Jaisua, CASS - All I See (feat. CASS) (All I See (feat. CASS))+1
28Matthew Parker - Never Giving Up On You (Adventure (Deluxe))+1
29LEDGER - Completely (Completely)-5
30Hillsong UNITED, Cole Walowac - Not Today - Remix (Not Today)+0
31Hillsong Young & Free - Love Won't Let Me Down (Love Won’t Let Me Down)+0
32Capital Kings, KB - Northern Sky (feat. Kb) (II)+0
33Matthew Parker - Adventure (Adventure)+6
34Cape Lions - WIT IT (WIT IT)-1
36MDSN - Who We Are (Who We Are)-1
37Switch, Dillon Chase - Symphony - Radio Edit (Symphony (Radio Edit))-1
38Capital Kings, Aaron Cole - Rip It Up (feat. Aaron Cole) (Rip It Up (feat. Aaron Cole))-1
39Capital Kings, Reconcile - I Can't Quit (feat. Reconcile) (I Can't Quit (feat. Reconcile))-1
40Capital Kings - In the Wild (II)+0
41Motion Worship - Freedom Wild (Motion Worship)+0
42The Gray Havens, Laudr8 - Forever (Laudr8 Remix) (Forever (Laudr8 Remix))+0
43Riley Clemmons - Better For It (Riley Clemmons)+0
44Mosaic MSC - Heartbeat - Live (Glory & Wonder)+0
45Freeg, Simon Miles, Jack Dylan - Keep Moving (Keep Moving)+0
46Marshall Marshall - Fall to My Knees (Fall to My Knees)+0
47VOUS Worship - Rhythm of Your Love (Rhythm of Your Love)+0
48CASS, Chris Howland - White Noise (White Noise)+1
49Local Sound - Never Far (Never Far)+1
50Built By Titan, Svrcina - The Darkness (feat. Svrcina) (Alpha)NEW