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Found - metro2020

Great driving bassline and with haunting melodies. Really nice, with great counter-melodies during the drop. Great emotion with the driving bass and melodies. Very solid trance.

metro2020 embodies progressive tech trance. The high energy lead synth, euphoria-inducing pads, and a heavy driving bassline takes the listener on a journey. The deep robotic voice immerses the listener in the beginning launch stage of a voyage - one in which, once they embark on, they must never look back. After Jack King, the Apollo 11 launch commentator, announces, "We have lift off!", the listener is encapsulated by metro2020's climax and taken to a whole new dimension - a journey through space and time.

Inspired by Mike Push, Stoneface & Terminal, Andrew Bayer, Rank 1, and David Gravell, while morphing space, technology, future, deep-sea, and mythology, Found develops unique, cutting edge, powerful, and moving progressive trance/tech trance.

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