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Fernando Tanji and Paula Marquezini - To be Great

Fernando Tanji and Paula Marquezini treat us to a powerful message with their song "To Be Great".

Fernando Tanji (34) is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fernando took some classical guitar classes for two years and he also has an instrumental EP on Spotify called Yūrei.
In this song, "To Be Great", the vocals are by nobody less than Paula Marquezini, who participated in the Brazilian version of the program show called "The Voice".

This song is Fernando's second release as a composer. The first release as a composer was an instrumental EP (Yūrei), nylon strings only.

Lyrics: To Be Great

Cheer up, sing
Clap your hands, call all your friends, make a wish
You'll see a bright, new day,
That feels like the Sun woke up for you
To see your face, yeah

*If you find a heavy thought*
*Dance your way to the light one*
*When you feel you're all alone*
*Go be happy with someone*
*Smile, laugh out loud and sing*
*That's the way you'll look awesome*
*Just believe you're more than enough to be great*

Feel the wind
Joyfully around you while you breathe it in
All your dreams
Coming so close to you as you believe
Finally at peace, you'll feel free to have your spare time
Ready to be someone else's sunshine


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