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Blessing Mokoena - Thank You God For Her

A special wedding song - by the groom - a prayer of thanks to God, thanking God for his bride, her smile, the way she has changed his life, and that they seek the grace of God together. (my summary doesn't fully cover the entire meaning of this song...)

While listening to the words of this song, I realized that its message should not only sound on one's wedding day, but should sound every day, especially on occasions like an anniversary... using the song to support you in telling your wife how grateful you are that God brought her in your life. Reconfirming the love you have for each other, your promise to take care of each other and your joint focus on God.

Listen to the song, and I trust that you will understand what I am trying to say, and even more appreciate the way that Blessing Mokoena has managed to put this prayer to music.

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