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Max Manon - Find Somebody

This song is for the single, the lonely, the insecure, and the third-wheel. It’s about trusting and believing there is someone out there for you, but being very sad and impatient in the wait. This song is fresh from the press, released just yesterday.

Max Manon is a pop artist from good ol’ Tulsa, Oklahoma. His biggest musical influences consist of ska/punk band, No Doubt and avant-guard, pop sensation, Lady Gaga. Having been so greatly influenced by artists such as Gwen Stefani and Gaga, Max couldn’t help but to acquire a strong interest in the fusion of fashion, performance art, and pop music.

Max, born Matt Bingaman and known to his friends and family as Matty Beh, was aware of his creative spirit from a very young age. Not knowing exactly how to channel his creativity, he jumped from hobby to hobby trying to find the right outlet. Guitar lessons were a flop, then piano lessons, he took a whack at painting, took some art classes, he then bought an expensive DSLR camera and took a real good whack at photography, but something just wasn’t right. Max couldn’t seem to commit and worried for a moment that maybe he wasn’t an artist after all. He then picked up a pen and put his doubt, fear, and frustrations to paper. He would sing the words he wrote as he cried. Something clicked. Then he began putting his joy, excitement, and glory to paper. He sang the words he had written as he cried tears of joy this time. It was that moment Max thought to himself for the first time, “Now this is something I can commit to.”

Max Manon began his musical journey with debut single, Worth the While, released August 31st, 2018. In the time since, Max is the most inspired he’s ever been and is eager to release new music this fall/winter.

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