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Kbreaz1 - He'll Make it Right

It's funky, it's gospel, it's Kbreaz1! Kbreaz1dropped a track called "He'll Make it Right", and the melody takes me right back to memories the 70's.
The lyrics are so appropriate for today's world, and such an encouragement to place your trust in Jesus.


Lift up your head, it will be alright
Everything will work out fine, 'cause I know
There is someone on your side who can sure make it right
When you've done, all that you can
Just take hold to his hand, and be strong
And, you can rest assured that before too long he'll make it right.
Jesus, he'll make it right
Jesus, he'll make it right
Jesus, he'll make it right
When the problems of this world get you discouraged
No time for solutions, everybody's in a hurry,
You try to hold on to, the things you know are right
Just can't find no peace, morning, noon or night.
Keep looking up, to where you help comes from
Keep up the faith cause he's the only one
Who can make it right, give you peace all through the night
And when the morning comes, the victory is won.
Jesus, he'll make it right
Jesus, he'll make it right
Jesus, he'll make it right


"The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, PA, USA) is my hometown. Temple U owls are everywhere. Primarily write, arrange and produce songs. Spent many years writing and performing gospel music. Toured with some big names in the industry. Now I’m focusing on developing my own catalog of productions. Always looking for meaningful collaborations. Mostly into contemporary jazz, but can work in all genres."

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