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Horsebuyer - Lets Make This Party

Horsebuyer (from the Netherlands) releases his track called: "Lets Make This Party". This is his second-ever released single. The track is, like his first track, progressive house and it has a happy and danceable vibe. He came up with the name "Lets Make This Party" while traveling to the USA.

The only lyrics are "Come on everybody, let's make this party", and as such, this is a Christian friendly track that we can support on Christian Dance Radio.

Horsebuyer just started and already has released two tracks that set high expectations. They are called "High Rise" and "Lets Make This Party". The EDM sub-genres that fit best with Horsebuyer are Progressive House and a kind of Big Room.

You can hear "Lets Make This Party" on Spotify:

You can also hear the track on our CEDM Weekly playlist: