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Chantel Waltz - You Win

Chantel Waltz releases a beautiful and catchy song called "You Win". The song is a celebration of Jesus's victory over death, but also His victory over every battle in our lives. Chantel wrote it based on a sermon preached by her pastor.

Chantel is an artist, worship leader, teacher and songwriter. She is married with 3 children.
Her passions are worshipping Jesus, singing, writing, and teaching. She has been teaching and leading worship for over 20 years, and writing and recording music for just over 5 years. Chantel, her husband Garrett, and their children Jocelyn, Brett, and Caedmon live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Chantel about her song: "This song is super-hooky, with powerful lyrics. Hope you like "You Win" as much as I do."

Well... we love the song here at Christian Dance Radio, and we are very honored that Chantel has asked us to support her in promoting her music.

We have also included it on our CCM Weekly playlist: and, of course, we also included it on our New Arrivals playlist: