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Kxng Seal - McJordans

Kxng Seal is an artist that is influenced by many artists such as Avicci, Tobu, Electronimia, etc.

Just released yesterday, McJordans is an upbeat and very catchy EDM track.

How Kxng Seal Made McJordans...

I made this song when I was thinking of a tobu beat so you can kind of relate the beat to one of tobu's songs. I made the bass to not be too soft or too loud. I wanted the chords to also go with the bass so I had to eq it very carefully. when I made the beat I wanted to be very upbeat and very catchy. the lead that I used was the Lead Super. I usually use this lead all the time in my Electronic beats and I saw that I went very well with my music taste. this song was very hard to make but in the end, it was worth it

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