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Stillman - Shook


The Creak Music along with Integrity Music announces the debut single from songwriter and worship artist Stillman. Titled “Shook,” the song will appear on Stillman’s upcoming EP release, titled "Whisper", scheduled to debut later this year. A music video for the song also is revealed today. Check it out below. 

"Shook" was written by Stillman along with Jervis Campbell and Ashley White, and produced by The Creak Music, the production team behind artists such as David Leonard, I AM THEY, Needtobreathe, and Cody Carnes. 

"'Shook' is about getting back to who we were originally created to be," Stillman recently explained about the song. "It's about the realization of the amazing love we forget we’ve been freely given, how His great love shakes us to the core, and the longing to get back to it." 

Lyrics: "Shook"

You find my words among all the others, buried deep in the depths of the seas
You hear my cries, You feel my sorrows, and in my weakness, Lord, You make me strong

I'm shook by the way that You love me, too long have I run from this place
I know that You’ve been waiting for me and my hardened heart to come back home  

You send Your storm, You spare me no comfort, You draw me out of these places unseen 
You hold my hand as I step on the water, cast out my ghosts and put the fight back in me
You shake me to the core 
You rattle my bones