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Jason Grey - Order Disorder Reorder

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekst

Story Behind The Song: “Order Disorder Reorder”

Jason Grey tells the story behind the song:

"My mentor says he believes a large part of his work is to play a part in healing a person’s language, because “if their language is healed they’ll heal themselves”—presumably because we talk to ourselves day in and out.

Language is a large part of how our thinking is organized, which is why hearing the right word at the right time can burn away the fog in our minds and bring such clarity.

God spoke creation into existence. Jesus is the Word made flesh. Language creates worlds and mends hearts. 
So when I heard a podcast where Richard Rohr used the words “order, disorder, reorder” to describe the process of transformation, a lot of things snapped into place in my mind and my heart. It really helped me.

Chaos and disillusionment were no longer grounds to question God’s love or even existence, but instead became meaningful and necessary steps along the way to becoming the person I most want to be. Instead of anxiety, now the hard times bring a sense of anticipation of who I will be on the other side of them.

The apostle Paul’s journey is an order disorder reorder story—a proud Pharisee certain of his answers (order) who encountered the Christ who turned his whole world upside down (disorder), setting the stage for Paul to become the most influential voice in Christendom (reorder).

I knew I had to share this language with others. I hope it’s helpful!"

The song is available now on all digital platforms.

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