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Bryan Jong - Collateral Damage (with background about the track that Bryan doesn't even share during his intro in our show)


Bryan explains:

With the name "Collateral Damage" I literally mean the "unintended damage". This translates nicely to the well-known biblical story of Adam and Eve, where Eve takes a bite of the apple. She has caused a lot of unintended damage to humanity. The damage, in this case, is symbolized in my song as the heavy continuous Bass. The synths that enter the track around 1:30 symbolize God / our Savior. When I hear the synths, I start dreaming and am relieved of the daily burden.
I have also incorporated a church choir (if you listen carefully, you can hear it), that symbol stands for prayer. So you could argue that this track is a battle between the bass (Unintended damage) and the synths (God / Savior).

With this, I hope to have provided enough clarity about my track.

I want to thank you again for playing my track in your radio show!

Bryan de Jong

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