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Will Settler - Devil Thought He Had Me

I know that the following song is not Dance Music. It belongs in the category Christian Contemporary Music, but this new artist's story and song touches me and is easy to relate to...
Will Settler is a new artist from a small town with a big heart (Jasper, TX, USA). The song is striking within the title: "Devil Thought He Had Me". The song is inspired due to his current condition. Will was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and his heart was functioning at a very low percentage. Every day is a battle but he is pushing through, and this is what inspired Will to write this song.
We have all been there and been pulled out. The lyrics are close to the heart and that makes the song relatable. You may by now also know that I have a soft spot for people who show their true self. It inspires me to follow my heart... and my heart is telling me that such messages make an impact and deserve to be heard. That is why I am posting this song, a song with a message that deserves to be heard...
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