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'Life Line'. A track produced by PROTEKTOR33

You need to sit down for this introduction ... I'm going to share the story with you behind the track 'Life Line'. A track produced by PROTEKTOR33.
This is what Michael Yuri (aka PROTEKTOR33) shared:
"Life Line has the greatest meaning behind it compared to my other tracks. It took me about a half a year to mix and master. I began writing it in October 2018, while a dear friend of mine was battling terminal pancreatic cancer. Early November my girlfriend (Jeani) was having small abdominal surgery and due to surgical complications, she developed internal bleeding during recovery and almost died.
My friend passed away at the end of November and my girlfriend remained hospitalized until Spring. She is currently in rehabilitation therapy learning to walk again.
I am Eastern Orthodox, and throughout this whole ordeal, I was heavily praying to Saint Niktarios for her healing and recovery. Today she is doing much better, recovering and regaining her life back. Life Line was slowly being mixed between hospital and rehabilitation visits, the uplifting synths portray the feeling of hope in the time of grief and sadness. I thank God for healing her and giving me enough what I can bare."