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I have just been listening to a pre-release of JINXSPR0's EDM track called: "Break". I can hardly wait for this to be officially released on the 20th of July! I really wish that you could hear this today, but I am committed to respecting the rules of the game...
'Break' is an uptempo future house//Future bounce track.
Story of this track is about breaking away from daily routines and starting something new and unexpected, exploring new ways to enjoy everyday life without being stuck in the same loop.
JINXSPR0 is from Indonesia, currently living in San Fransisco, California, USA. With a background in video and audio producing, he's taken the EDM scene by storm; with signature Sidechains built within a unique melody take on the future bass world.
JINXSPR0 was featured in few Jakarta Online radio stations as a growing artist in Summer 2017. He mainly produces Future house, Future Bass, and Hardstyle.
So, this is the track record of JINXSPR0 in a nutshell, and I hope that you now start to understand why I am eager to share the joy of this new release!
So, for now, you can listen to the previously released tracks on Spotify ( and Soundcloud (
I am trying to get permission to air the track this coming Friday (a day earlier than the official release)... so watch this FB page for more. 
=== Update ===
I received a message back from Melvyn (JINXSPR0). He promised to inform and ask permission from his label to allow me to air this track one day ahead of the release date
Keep your fingers crossed !! 🙂