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Harriet Manice - Color Machine Remix by Max Wrye

Harriet Manice - Color Machine Remix by Max Wrye

This is a remix of Harriet's third and latest single, “Color Machine”. A track considering that is all about building something new and colorful! Color Machine was released on March 8th is definitely more pop-infused, and Max Wrye created a remix.

If you listen to the New Releases Show on Friday, I'll let you hear how a remix adds a nice variation. You'll hear the original and then I'll transition into the remix. You'll never hear me say that a remix will make a song better, but just like J.S. Bach wrote variations to his work on old times, remixes are modern-day variations that require an original track that good and well structured. I personally see remixes as a compliment to the original artist.

The track is available on Spotify: