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Bjuur - Unstoppable

Thomas Bjurkvist, aka "Bjuur", has released his song "Unstoppable" on Spotify. Yes, this is the song that I spoke about on July 2nd... a song that (unfortunately) got delayed because Spotify didn't like the artwork... But here it is!
The song is also available on SoundCloud:
A little bit more about "Bjuur":
Thomas ("Bjuur") has always had a big interest in music. He first started out playing acoustic guitar at the age of eleven, which then evolved into playing the electric guitar at the age of fifteen.
At his early twenties his music started to evolve at a rapid pace, and has been an outlet for his feelings and thoughts.
From a lifelong of hobby production Thomas has now decided to start spreading his work to the world... and we are already enjoying the sounds that he brings!