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Amazing things are happening - I want to share an experience

47687066281_5884ea9087Nobody less than INNA (a very well known Romanian artist) reached out with a request to feature her newest track "Te Vas". At first, I experienced it as a big honor... and then got back to my senses and praised God that we are getting noticed.

I had concerns with the lyrics (I don't speak Romanian), but I couldn't dismiss a whisper in my mind that there was an issue. After some searching I found that a fan had already published the lyrics and the song turned out to be a song about a man leaving a woman, and she was hoping for him to come back, someday, etc. etc. ... not the kind of music that should be aired on Christian Dance Radio and be added to our playlists.

This experience reminded me that:

  • although it is very clear what kind of tracks I am looking for, not everyone (even though they have certain fame) will see the same harm in lyrics that Christians see. There was no wrong intent, but many people won't see any harm in certain behavior that Christians would avoid.
  • even though I don't speak a word Romanian, I did hear a 'whisper' that was telling me something was not as it seemed. It is not because I deserve it, but I know for a fact that we all get 'warnings' of the spirit, and we are merely asked to lead a life where we can 'hear', be aware and act like God would want us to act.
Thank you, Lord, for your guidance.

- Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight - cc