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Alexander M - Put Your Hands Up

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

I have been in contact with a very young artist today. His name is Alexander M and he just released the song "Put Your Hands Up". He reached out to me to see if I could air his song.
Alexander is 17 years old, from Greece, and only just started to create EDM 1,5 years ago. This is a very ambitious young man... he would like to become one of the big DJ's that we all see and hear.
His favorite artist is Alan Walker, but he also likes Martin Garrix and Marshmello.
Alexander has the right work mentality (working very hard to get better), so watch this space and enjoy his productions. I have a feeling that we are going to see and hear a lot more from Alexander M.
It is always a pleasure to discover new talent, and I am quite interested to see how Alexander develops over time.
The song is already available on SoundCloud:…/put-your-hands-up-30
I have received his song for airing on Christian Dance Radio (which will happen this coming Friday @ 19:00 hrs CET). Unfortunately, Alexander does not (yet) have accounts on the popular music platforms (such as Spotify). So this song will not be available there (this also shows how new Alexander is in this area).
Enjoy the song on Soundcloud and/or this coming Friday on Christian Dance Radio.